About BSNY Titans

BSNY is led by Coaches Dermon Player, Dave Brown and Duane Castleberry.  The Trio have founded and successfully operated multiple programs over the past twenty years to compete locally all the way to the national championships, where they have experienced major success.  Most notably, Coach Player formed and coached what many believe to be the greatest AAU team ever with 3 future NBA players on it that won multiple National Championships at the highest level of AAU basketball.  Assisting the leadership team are all coaches from the BSNY program who have multiple years of playing and coaching experience who have dedicated their lives to working with children in basketball.

It is our philosophy as an organization to make every decision in the best interest of the child. The Titans begin in 3rd grade and go all the way to 12th grade. We want to make sure kids have the opportunity at an early age to play with friends and get a taste of competition at the same time while falling in love with the game that our entire staff has dedicated their lives to playing and teaching. By 6th grade we try and separate the boys by skill as much as possible and offer the most competitive of teams so the boys have chance to develop as players and develop an appreciation for the hard work they are putting in. We continue through 8th grade with the same philosophy and don’t make any cuts in our programs.

Things change by 9th grade as we make cuts for teams and train outside of the high school season with them. Many of the boys have aspirations of playing in college and we have assisted in their recruitment and creating opportunities for coaches to see their abilities along with actively pursue college options for all players wearing Titan jerseys. Not every high school player will play college basketball, however we want to help them have the most successful high school careers they can as well and enjoy the competition provided as well. Many of our high school teams form friendships among competitors that should last a lifetime.