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  • Winter Travel Basketball Season

    Our METRO youth basketball teams that are dedicated to year round basketball within our organization. These teams are highly competitive and compete in advanced more...level play in the Fall, Winter, Spring and an event or two over the Summer. All METRO teams will have 2 mandatory practices per week. These practices will consist of skill development and team development. All teams will be limited to 10 players. In the Fall, METRO teams will compete in a couple of tournaments prior to league participation. Once league play begins in the Winter, all teams will continue there 2x per week practice schedule and play weekly games. Upon conclusion of league play, all METRO teams will participate in tournaments throughout the Spring. These tournaments will be split locally and throughout the Northeast to find the appropriate level of competition for the group, with the intention of them playing at the highest levels within their age bracket. Only specific age brackets will compete at this level. Playing time is at the SOLE discretion of the coach. Those that don’t make the a METRO team, will automatically be placed on a BSNY Titan team.

    BSNY Titans:
    Our TITANS teams will compete in the Fall / Winter season together. They will be organized in the Fall after an evaluation placement evening. At which point, participants more...will be assigned to a particular team with 8-10 members. Titans teams will have a mandatory practice on Thursday or Friday evenings. On Wednesday evenings they will play additional games with other members of the Titans that are supervised and geared for them to get more experience playing 5 on 5 basketball and man to man defense with equal playing time. On Sundays, all TITANS teams will participate in the 55 Swish League at Basketball City. Each player will play in each half of the game at minimum with the expectation of playing at least 1/3 of each game on Sundays. In addition, all participants will receive team uniform, sweatshirts, backpack and game socks. In the Spring, for those wishing to continue on to the AAU circuit, we will continue to play making every effort to keep TITANS teams together. It is a separate registration however and not included in the Fall / Winter package. TITANS teams in the Spring will compete in tournaments in New York City, New Jersey, Westchester, Long Island and an overnight trip to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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  • About Us

    About BSNY Titans

    BSNY is led by Coaches Dermon Player, Jesse Shapiro and Duane Castleberry.  The Trio have founded and successfully operated multiple programs over the past twenty years to compete locally all the way to the national championships, where they have experienced major success.  Most notably, Coach Player formed and coached what many believe to be the greatest AAU team ever with 3 future NBA players on it that won multiple National Championships at the highest level of AAU basketball.  Assisting the leadership team are all coaches from the BSNY program who have multiple years of playing and coaching experience who have dedicated their lives to working with children in basketball.